Following is the story a wolfdog named Koda. Although Annette's facility is not designed for wolf rescue, this was one situation where timing was critical, and she just "couldn‘t not" help. This story is in her own words, and copied from her website with permission.


Today a call came in from a man I didn't know. He said he had picked up a wolf hybrid along the road. She was dragging a steel cable. He loaded her in his truck and discovered she was wearing a choke chain imbedded over 2 inches DEEP inside most of her neck.

He started calling around for help. He couldn't find any. He called me. I called around. Nothing. I spoke to animal control while he was there with the officer. She said the wolf needed to be put down. I arranged euthanasia with Doctor Cash.

I again spoke to the animal control officer. She went on about how beautiful and how sweet the wolf was. My guts ached. She had survived the worst of this. How could I request her death now that she was FINALLY getting help? I again spoke to the man. I asked him if he would be willing to drive all the way out to me for the chance that I may be able to help her. If her injury was over my head, he would have to take her back to town to be put down. He said he would be happy to bring her to me.

They arrived shortly. I climbed into the back of his truck. What I saw I will never forget. A choke chain was cut through every bit of muscle around her neck and her flesh had grown through the links of the chain. I was FURIOUS! I ran to the house and got wire cutters. When I got back to the truck the man told me they had already tried that. Yeah, but I haven't!!! I cut the chain at the main link and bent it with my super human "I'M SO MAD I COULD DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW" strength. I then gently began to tediously remove the steel from this poor animals flesh. (Keep in mind I am working on a strange and stray wolf that standing is well above my waist). She never moved, never fought, never flinched. She knew EXACTLY what I was doing for her.

When it finally released her, I flung it like it burned me. I was sick. The smell of her rotting neck nearly knocked me out, but I hugged her and loved her anyway. The amazing part...she loved me back...

Once inside I fed her everything on the shelves that looked like steak on the can. I got out my best comforters for the most sore of pups. She is nothing but bones. I don't know why she is alive, but she is not only alive, she is energetic and happy, even playing with me.

In a month, it will only be a story of one I loved and cared for, and the evidence of the crime will be gone. Today she is my whole world and my greatest moment. I think that forever if I am ever asked what was my greatest moment, I will answer "taking a chain off a wolf". She is special. So very special. I just can express it.

Chains are for gates, for towing cars, for securing loads...Chains are not and never will be for a dog. Never ever and never. It is an outrage.

Look into the face of this incredible animal. She is an absolute sweetheart. Anyone could approach her. She has been roaming the streets for MONTHS, starving, dragging 10 feet of steel cable and some huge wadded mess around with her. She has been seen a hundred times I'm sure. Thank GOD for the man that picked her up today. Why did it take so long?

She's my hero.


With the help of Doctor Cash and countless prayers, this girl is healing at record speed. We decided that my initial assumptions about her struggle were incorrect. With her foot pads soft and her nails long, this chain cut her while she was tied. Even though she weighs only 40 lbs, someone was bringing her minimal food and water or she would not be alive. Someone saw this and let it go on.

She loves children, so it is possible a child cared for her. She is nervous around adults, especially men. We will never know her story. We can only guess, but it DOES have a happy ending!

Yesterday Koda went to the vet for a rabies shot and check up. She weighs 83 lbs! That's a 43 lb gain in 6 weeks. We are thrilled. She is doing wonderful and she is doing everything she can think of to make sure we keep her forever. She's MUCH smarter than we thought. There is no trace of her wound other than a thin line around her neck, under the newly grown fur. An amazing recovery!